• National private lines

    Company TTK offers its customers the benefits of a digital national private lines between two points located at the company’s digital backbone communication network nodes within the territory of Russia.
  • International private lines

    Company TTK offers its customers the use of a digital international private lines. It is expected that at least one terminal point of the channel be located either outside of the Russian Federation or on the border crossing point between the territories of the Russian Federation and another country.
  • Internet access

    The service of connecting data communication networks refers to activities performed to meet the needs of telecom operators in the organization of contractor and customer network interaction, which enable establishing connection and data transfer between the users of interacting telecommunication networks. Connection service is provided to the customer in accordance with the connection specification agreed by the parties.
  • Digital circuits

    TTK provides digital circuits consisting of the TTK communication network backbone digital channel and one or two access channels. Digital circuits provide a connection between the customer's equipment and a TTK backbone network node within Russia. The speed of the backbone digital channel equals that of the channel/access channels.
  • IP VPN

    TTK IP VPN is a wideband virtual private network (VPN) built on the basis of backbone IP MPLS-network of ТТК. This is a fully connected network separable from the Internet at a logical level and supporting private addressing and "each-to-each" data communication.
  • GPRS IP VPN (mobile access to the IP VPN virtual private network)

    This service consists of arranging secure interaction of remote users with virtual private network IP VPN resources by ТТК Company. The service is rendered on the basis of GPRS technology and the Beeline GSM cellular network through management and monitoring of the equipment installed in the area of responsibility of Company TTK which provides such interaction.
  • Virtual Ethernet channel

    TTK provides Ethernet-based virtual data transmission channels via MPLS established between two points on IP nodes of our digital backbone communication network. As part of the service, to access our IP MPLS network the customer receives 2 ports of the same type at the service connection points.
  • Local telephone services

    Company TTK, in accordance with Licenses of the Ministry of Communication and Informatization of the RF, provides local telephony services in Moscow using up-to-date digital technologies.
  • Long-distance and international telephone communications

    Company ТТК offers you high-quality and accessible long-distance and international telephony services with attractive prices.
  • Certification center services

    Company ТТК performs targeted certification center functions in accordance with the Federal Law "On electronic digital signature" dd. January 10, 2002.